By the time Facebook became popular, I was in college. It was quite hard not to be in it because all of my friends are in it. You’d be left out if you weren’t there. Not only Facebook, I have also been using Twitter to follow your favorite celebrities, Instagram if you’re too lazy to read Tweets, Snapchat for awesome filters, and all these redundant messaging apps! Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber.. Quite too many if you list them.

As you grow older it will be harder to keep up to these things. I did. I have been limiting my time to these services since last year and happy to report it has been a success. Personally, these are the top reasons why I avoid using Social Media:

Top 5 Reasons Why I limit Social Media Use:

1. It’s a waste of time
Admit it. It is a total waste of time. You might be telling yourself that you only check your phone for few minutes but if you add up all, you might be surprised how much time you’ve spent scrolling your screens. Time you could’ve spent on more productive things.


2. You don’t need to know
One reason maybe why you can’t quit checking your friends’ activities is because you want to keep up. Where did they spend their summer? What do they eat? Are they married yet? Have you asked yourself why you need to know these details? What do you gain from this?
I had this friend in Facebook who is married and keeps us all updated to her marital woes. She was a good friend of mine from elementary school and haven’t talked to her since we went to different High Schools. It was great that we were found each other on Facebook and I got to know that she has a family now and beautiful kids. The sad part is she always has problems with her husband that she keeps posting. There was a time when she posted she was leaving him and bringing the kids with her. As a friend who really cared, I was worried for her. I kept checking her status updates ’cause I really wanted to know what’s going on. Come few weeks later they made up and I felt like a fool for worrying about her.


3. Can cause envy, jealousy
So your friend got a new car. Your schoolmate went to your dream vacation spots. They got married. They got kids. K.
You can pretend it doesn’t affect you but it does. This is actually the focus of some other articles convincing people to quit social media. Some say it can cause depression. I can’t speak for everyone but to me it does make me question things. Things that I couldn’t have wondered if I didn’t know about other people’s lives. People I don’t really care about. One thing to always remember also is that these posts are tailored to make it seem like your “friends” lives are perfect. People only posts pictures of their new car but don’t share about the sacrifices they made to gain it, or how much loan it took. It will only make you question what have you been doing wrong? Why can’t you be happy like them?


4. They don’t need to know
If you are in social media, chances are you also post updates about your life. Posting selfies and food pics might feel good. There might be some science involved in that. But before you post anything, ask yourself why do you do these? What are the effects? Do they really need to know what you ate for lunch? Where you went for vacation?


5. Total peace of mind
Limiting the information you enter in your mind can actually give some room for other thoughts. If you only know things about yourself, you can focus on YOU.


What to do then?

1. Get a new hobby
As soon as I got more time on my hands I have developed other interests such as gardening and cooking. You may use your free time on learning new things or going back to what you always loved doing like biking, dancing, etc.

2. Read a book
Since you have plenty of room for information, you can use it to gain new knowledge or use it for imagination.

3. Read legit websites for news
Since you still need to be part of society, you still need to be updated. Bookmark index pages of your trusted websites for news and get all the important news from there.

4. Find a job
You might want to find a part time job and earn some more money, or create your own business. You might need to go back to social media though, but this time only to promote your business.

5. Talk to people in person
Nothing beats the classic way to communicate. Though internet made it easier, talking face to face is still the best. You see another person’s facial expressions, touch them, and all the genuine feelings technology can not (yet) provide.

I am still very active in Twitter. I often check my Facebook for during weekends or when I really have to check some pages there. I already logged out from Instagram – I feel like I’m too old for it. Currently still unable to quit facing the screen since I still watch too many Youtube videos and Netflix as well.

I hope my little article helps. What do you think? Share your comments!